Thursday, October 4, 2012

Repercussions of choosing the wrong bail bondsman in New York

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So you got convicted, found yourself a bail bondsman in New York, and now you are out of jail, enjoying your freedom; but, are you sure that you aren’t getting too happy too soon. If you are out on bail, then it is obvious that you are yet to face trial; what if, you either forget the date on which you need to be present in the court, or there has been some “miscommunication”? Now, what are you going to do in either of these situations, and what role will your bondsman play? To begin with, don’t fret; you simply need to get a letter/motion (read: Re-assumption of Liability) and assure the court that your bondsman or rather the agency that they work for has no qualms even if the court allows you to stay out on bail.

However, if you are already going through a difficult time, will it possible for you to bear an additional fee, which your bondsman might charge in lieu of the Reassumption of Liability? Here, it is worth mentioning that the fee can go up to a whopping $100, which, as obvious, is not easy to afford. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from trouble, it’s better to keep this point in mind when looking for a bail bondsman in New York; a good one won’t charge!

Interestingly, whether the bondsman will charge for Reassumption of Liability or not is not the only criterion that can help you in determining if you have made the right decision; you may look for other points as well. For example, god forbid, if you get convicted of felony, can you be sure that the first time you face trial, the court will get convinced that you are innocent and may set you free? It is in times that these that your decision is likely to get scrutinized especially if there is an “annual premium” anywhere in the picture.


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